How to write your first post

How to write your first post

Write your mind in words. image of writing.

Before starting to write a blog you you will have a number of ideas in your mind, how to write, what will be the topics, from where can I get good images, how many post can I publish in one month etc. What to write in your first post and what to write about

Risk in blogging

Actually there is no risk in writing simple blogging. You can write about anything which you like or dislike. You can write about a coffee which you had in the morning or about satellite technology. Writing about something which is familiar to you is very easy. If you want to write about something, at first you try to understand about it and then start to write. If you try to study a matter and write about it, you can learn more things.

Blogging language

It is better to write in English. If English is not your native language, and if you are not good in English, writing blog in English is not easy. Translating will betray the origin of your contend. Keep your writing simple. Avoid complex sentences. English is not my native language. But I am writing in English because there is a thrill risk and fun in writing, in a non native language.

Goodness of writing

Writing is a good habit. If you are writing about some thing which is useful to others or giving pleasure to others-it is a good thing. If you are writing in English and if it is not your native language, automatically your ability to write in English will improve.