How to make a YouTube channel

If you are interested in creating videos or interested in editing videos, you can make income from this hobby. You can edit videos and use it for making revenue.

If you are interested in music create simple and good quality videos. Make video about anything pleasing you and others and upload it in YouTube.

For uploading video in YouTube, you must have an account in YouTube. Creating a YouTube channel is very simple. You can create a channel by using a computer or by using mobile.

  1. Go to the top right corner of the screen. Click on the google apps icon and select YouTube icon. Sign in to YouTube by using google account or by creating a new account. You will be asked to verify your google count by a verification code.

2. Click on the google apps icon and select YouTube icon. Fill in your details and create your YouTube channel. Give a good name to your channel and a good icon.

3. Give description to your channel. Include your emails in your channel. Add contact details and link to your website(optional). Klick save.

Upload the trailer video you want to publish. Navigate to “customize channel”. Click the “For new visitors” tab. Click on “Channel trailer” click on save.

Click on your YouTube icon in the top right corner of YouTube, click on the YouTube “creator studio” and upload your first video. Select public if you want your video accessible by every one.