How to create a page in WordPress

After creating a site in WordPress, creating a page is the next step. A page includes heading subheading paragraph images video link to other site etc. Page is a place where you can put your content. Pages presents timeless information (your content). There is “about” and “contact” pages in your WordPress site. To add a new page in your site go to the dashboard navigation menu select Add new.

Login WordPress >dashboard > pages > add new. The URL of dash board is “”.

You can add sub pages to your main page. Click the “Page Parent” drop down menu under the right menu bar. The drop down menu contains all of your published pages. For making your current page a child page, select a page from the drop down menu as parent page. Create content and publish. Edit permalink showing the child page title.

There are plugins for listing your pages in your WordPress site. A page can be static or dynamic. Static pages are sticky pages and have not have be regenerate regularly. You can use classic editor or standard editor.

After creating and publishing a page, if you wish to add new content in your published post you can do it under “edit “. Dash board(admin area) > Page >All page >Edit. From the “all page” select the page you want to make changes. Update and then publish the page. You can add or remove image video text link etc under the “edit” section.