What is domain and hosting in internet

example for the difference between hosting and domain. Image of a single house with name board(name of the house)

Meaning of hosting-noun and verb

Host (noun) means-1. A person who receives or entertains guests

2. Broadcaster.

3. Someone who gives a party or has guests.

4. A person who receives or entertains guests.

5. A crowd or a large number of things.

6. Plants and animals lives on as parasites.

Host (verb)means- a country or an organisation or a person, providing services or space, equipment, or building, for an event or for a convention.


Internet is a global communication system. It is a type of mechanized searchable, storage,and transmitting system of books and media in the form of electronic data. It is a medium of interaction of individuals beyond boundaries.

A web page is the document in the internet and can be accessed by using its on URL. The content in the web page is called as data. Hosting a is service allowing individuals or organisations to post (in other words store) a website or web page in internet. In simple hosting is like buying a house for keeping your valuables.

This hosting service is also a business, the hosting service providers maintain and manage the server-the space or storage disk where your website or web page is being kept.

What is “domain’

In simple words a domain is the name used by the internet server to access a specific website or web page. Domain names are formed by DN system. Any name registered in the DNS is a domain name. It is your website’s name. A domain name is used for identifying computers on the internet.