How can earn through blogging

planting is the first step; image of fruits

The aim of blogging would not be earning, but giving something to your readers. Giving pleasure or giving knowledge about something. If you wish to write about something, early days people take a book and pen and start writing, now they are using internet for that purpose, that is only the matter. Monetize blog by CPC or CPM Ads. The main earning through blogging is by placing ads.

Steps in blogging

Select a good domain for your blog and host it in a good hosting provider. Select a good theme for your blog. Try to say about something use full. Good content and images will increase your traffic. Try to update your post with new ideas.

How to make money with blogging

  • Getting good traffic is the good way to get earnings through blogging. Good content is the best way for getting traffic. Advertising income and affiliate income are the main income sources with blogging. If you get good traffic you can earn through paid writing.

Selling private ads is an another way for making money from blogging. There are various methods for monetizing your blog. They are:-

1 Online courses.

2 Affiliate marketing

3 Selling digital products

4 selling our own products

5 AdSense

6 Paid reviews

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