What is blogging


What is meant by blogging

Sit simply, write about what is in your mind

     Simply, blogging means writing about something informally and publish in internet. If you are a person, interested in writing, write and publish it. A blog is like a personal diary.

    There are a number persons who are interested in reading. It doesn’t mean every one would like your blog.

Features of writing in internet

     There are a number of features about writing in internet. After

publishing your blog you can make any changes whenever you want. You can include more content in your published blog by editing and updating it.

Changing font, size, color and image of your blog  is very easy. Moreover

you can   permanently delete  your published blog, if you want.

     Some bloggers are interested in writing about a specific topic, some are not. You can add videos in your blog, can share blog through social medias, like Facebook,twitter,etc. You can link your blog with other blogger’s blog. Blog is like a novel, or a story,  or like a diary published in internet.

    You can blog about anything which is not illegal. You can blog about your hobby. If you are a traveler you can blog about your travel experience. Ad images of your happy journey. Give a good explanation about the locations. 

  Difference between website and blog