Difference between website and blog

Both blog and website are common in the internet world. There is a slit difference between website and blog. Both can be accessed by using a browser URL. key difference between a website and a blog. Website are static in nature but blogs are dynamic.

What is a website

A website is place in the world wide web,containing information,and it can be brows and read by everyone using an URL-the address. This URL or address is the identity of each website. Website is a page or collection of pages containing information about anything in the universe. It is a collection of related network resources.

A website is a set of web pages, containing information located under a domain. Domain is the URL(Uniform Resource Locator) or address of the website. There are different type of website in the world wide web-educational site, technical site, health site, religious sit etc.etc.

What is a blog

Blog is like a journal or like a diary published in internet. Blog is a collection of pages. Usually blog are displayed in inverse chronological order. A blogger can write about anything he want to write, and it would be legal.

How blog and website differs

Blog is like an informal diary writing, and is being updated by the blogger. Blog is likely to saying about something in a story style. Blog contains a number of posts. When you add something new to your blog it is being called as “post”. Updating image, content, video, etc are common in blogging.

Website are more static than blog. A website is under a defined work. A website can contain hundreds of pages. A website is a place from where we can get information after browsing using the URL of that particular website. Website are usually used for marketing products, services etc.