A ‘teatime’ in the evening

An edible tasty root growing shapeless. It is a climbing plant. The top most part of that edible root is its seed. Before cooking we cut and keep it. Some people dip it in cow dung and keep it dry area. In the beginning of rainy season, make a little hole in the ground near a tree they put it and cover with mud and dried leaves. After one or two rains we can see the beautiful plant coming under the ground and looking around.😃
Samin is cooking that ‘edible root’ Cooking of this is a little complicated one. Use a glows at the time of cleaning and cutting. Otherwise it will cause itching. Add sufficient water to boil the root. Don’t forget to add salt. No need of turmeric powder to add. Test weather it cooked ( beware of not over cooked) .
Stain it from water, pour coconut oil(don’t boil the oil) add coconut and stir to get the taste of oil and coconut. Serve in banana leaf in a plate. For curry, use green chilli, small onion, salt and grind(wet) it. After grinding add some drops of coconut oil, Make tea(strong) and eat and enjoy with your family with this variety item. 😍

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